Of maize mazes, tractor rides, and family updates

I had a post nearly all ready to go yesterday and somehow (very most likely through pregnant-human error) it got deleted. We were busy all day yesterday, and although I wanted to post then, I have a few more interesting things to share today than yesterday. So I suppose it worked out! A few updates:

1. I reached 22 weeks on Wednesday! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by. It's amazing how distracting one little toddler can be. As I write this he is skinny dipping in a plastic bin the courtyard in cloudy 59 degree weather. At least the water is warm and he's not watching Curious George, right?

22 weeks.jpg

2. I got a new ride! And its an automatic car! I gave driving manual a good try, but I just got so worked up and stressed driving it that Johnny finally gave in. It's a small to mid-sized SUV, with heated leather seats (which I will adore this winter, I am sure) and a sun roof.  It's a 2005, so has a few years on it, but we got a good deal and only need it to work for us for 2 years or so. I'm also not going to lie, I love having the carseat higher up, and there will be more space for two kiddos. So yay!

New ride.jpg

  3. Yesterday Johnny took the day off and I had an appointment at the hospital (everything is great, just a routine appointment since I am "high risk" for trying for a natural birth after Rafe's emergency c-section [or just "section" as they say here]).  We then went and got lunch at a tearoom and went to a maize maze in the Fens. We were the only ones there (yesterday was the first day of school in most areas), so Rafe had all the toys and activities all to himself. We witnessed a pig race, ran in the maize maze, went on a tractor ride, played in the sand pit and on the zip line, patted farm animals and tried to get Rafe into the bouncy castle...which he would have none of.

Fuzzy long day.jpg

And finally a fuzzy photo of a truly tuckered out boy. The day was a long one, but definitely a success!