I'm honestly not sure to begin. I fell so, so in love with Amsterdam. I'm not even sure I can describe why this city made such an imprint on my heart. The architecture. The bicycle culture, the zoo? I don't know. It's just free, and beautiful, and fun.

Our first full day began with exploring the city. We walked around, did some shopping (bought Rafe his first pair of crocs...which I swore I would never do), and just enjoyed being there. We also found a wonderful playground with a massive sand pit and toys that just stay there for all the children to play with. (the last photo is of the street where our flat was)

We ended our first day at the kinderbadje (splash pool) in Vondelpark. The boys had a wonderful time splashing around in their bathing suits after a long hot day or riding in the stroller and napping on the go! Afterward, we found an AH (grocery store) on the way home and grabbed a few things to make dinner at our AirBnB. 

The second day was probably my favorite. We woke up, had a small breakfast and headed over to Cafe Papeneiland for second breakfast of their famous apple cake. (Where Bill Clinton has visited; also two minute walk from our flat) the apple cake was delicious...and I think Arlo enjoyed it the most! We then decided to walk (a long distance, but one we enjoyed) to Artis Zoo, where we spent most of our day.

The zoo was absolutely gorgeous! It not only had all the animals you would hope to see, it was filled with gardens, play areas for children, and massive trees that provide lots of shade.

We ate lunch at one of the cafes on site, where the food was actually really delicious, and priced fairly decently. After lunch we headed over to the aquarium to watch the seals swim, something Rafe really enjoyed.

On the way back to the flat we stopped one more time at the playground with the sandpit. We were so thrilled to have found it, and it was a wonderful quiet place to let the kids play while Johnny and I sat in the shade.

We ended our final evening by getting dinner at The Pancake Bakery, where we were able to snag a table outside by the canal.

Until next time, beautiful Amsterdam! I truly hope we meet again.